Large Format Printers are state-of-the-art pieces of printing equipment that are especially designed to deal with extreme sizes and quantities. Our technology makes the workflow easier and faster as well as guarantees the highest quality of our prints. Thanks to the DURST, EFI – VUTEK, HP, SCITEX, MTEX and EPSON brands, experts in their filed, we are able to offer you a broad range of promotional solution. We are always open to help you decide what printing technology is the best for you demand.

DURST RHO 512R is a brand new UV printing machine on the market. It sets the highest standards in digital printing industry. Its exceptional technology allows to achieve the print up to 5 m wide, up to 900dpi, 350m2 per hour, not to mention handling three 1.6m/5ft rolls simultaneously.

Additionally, its state of the art Variodrop technology guarantees precise print, vivid colors and consequently unquestionable quality.

EFI VUTEk® GS5000r five-meter roll-to-roll printing machine allows fast and effective production with UV technology. This include variety of display graphics and advertising solutions for both long-term indoor and outdoor applications. This machine allows us to print with a resolution 600dpi and 1000dpi on single-sided and double-sides materials.

EFI VUTEk® GS 5000r technology has additional advantages like – multi roll option to print few jobs simultaneously and surface smoothing option. Thanks to high-speed eight-color printing, Vutek GS 5000r can produce outstanding quality reproduced images attracting attention from a long distance.

HP Scitex XL1500 with eight-color printing option. HP Scitex XL 1500 allows for multi-roll printing and can print on almost any media. It is one of the most productively efficient machines on the market. It can print up to 70m2 per hour and produce saturated colors and high quality.

EFI VUTEk® GS3250LX is a production-level LED UV-curing printer, with cool cure technology and high productive features. With LED technology we can achieve first of all direct-to-board printing with a resolution up to 600dpi and 1000dpi.

Epson SC-S50610 – The printer is designed to achieve the highest performance. It is provided with two heads TFP and uses simultaneously two sets of CMYK inks. This allows us to print at a speed of more than 10 m2 per hour.

The printer SC-S50610 can print everything from posters and banners to films for car wrapping. It allows you to print cheaply and efficiently on vinyl foil, canvas, photo paper, and various popular transparent substrates with a width up to 160 cm.

HP Designjet L65500 is a versatile system that allows printing on broad range of materials for both indoor and outdoor applications. With HP Designjet L65500 we can achieve vivid and saturated colors of a pho- tographic quality. In addition to that, innovative water-based HP Latex inks offer environmental, health and safety advantages.

Mtex 1800 is a direct-to-fabric sublimation printing solution with integrated xation. Thanks to high-resistance IR (infrared), individually controlled and with temperature probes is able to achieve uniform, brilliant and vivid colors in full width.
Sublimation technology allow us to offer our customers a new approach to large format digital printing. Light- ness, elegance, ecology and style are just a few aspects by which fabrics gain more interest on the printing market.

The growing number of digital printers increases the need for highly precise cutting systems. The system can be applied to create different shapes of the banners, vinyl or boards or simply cut the material to the size and contour required.
Advantages of ZUND Cutting System:

– optimal material hold-down
– high ef ciency and productivity
– Precise material feed guarantees optimum connection accuracy – Low maintenance and reliability guaranteed by Swiss precision

Plotter SummaCut D has a very good technical parameters, specialized accessories, widely recognized and re ned guidance systems for even the thickest vinyl lm, and automatic positioning system OPOS X

Mistral 1650 – Cold laminator with heat assist upper roller. Dedicated for the most demanding users in terms of quality and productivity. Single side lamination Simultaneous lamination and adhesive mounting. Encap- sulation with cold laminates in one go.

Jopevi J-279 – Machine totally automatic pneumatics with two distributors to put ollaos with arandela metal- lic, indicated for the placing of ollaos with arandelas in awnings, curtains, canvases, etc. The machine drills the material and plants the ollaos with arandelas in a same function and in all type of material, textile, mesh, banners, etc.

Miller Weldmaster T300 Extreme Flex – A exible welding solution with ability to use hot air and hot wedge welding technologies with an unlimited array of seam types. Use hot air or hot wedge to weld overlaps, hems, pockets, and more.

Durkopp Adler 827 – High technological level with perfect price performance ratio. Automatic sewing foot lift, thread trimmer and automatic backtacking as standard. Short thread trimmer with a remaining thread length of 5 mm only. Thread clamping device for neat seam beginning.